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What is the meaning of the name Nut Free Mentality?

Many with food allergies will quickly understand that living with food allergies means more than just avoiding the act of physically putting their allergens in their mouth. Living with food allergies requires lots of research, reading, doctor visits, tests, and some trial and error. We have to constantly be aware of what we touch and what anything we consume has touched.


Being cautious of cross-contamination issues is something that especially requires a certain mindset, where you consider the smallest things. Was the plate I used actually clean? Was the spoon I want to use shared by anyone else who might have eaten my allergens? Has my boyfriend eaten anything with my allergens or is it safe to kiss him? 


There is also the aspect of it that requires observation. As someone with food allergies, I am constantly making mental notes on how I feel and how my body is responding to things I eat or touch. Food allergy parents are often watching their kids to make sure they are not showing signs of reacting either. There's no true rule book when it comes to allergies, as everyone has different allergens and different reactions.


Sometimes different foods can cause different reactions in the same person! It is this aspect of allergy living that helped inspire me to name my blog "Nut Free Mentality." Living with food allergies requires this alert and aware mindset in order to live safely. It's a mentality. While I have multiple allergies, my most severe and earliest ones were nuts, and I most easily identify as someone with a nut allergy. So from that, I got "Nut Free Mentality."

On my logo, you will see an assortment of nuts in a teal prohibition sign. The prohibition sign signifies that these foods are off-limits for me and the teal color is to honor the fact that teal is the color of food allergy awareness.


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